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Nature has no limit.
Why should your boat?

We’ve created the most powerful, technically advanced bass boat on the market so you can discover nature’s fullest potential.

A great fishing experience begins with a great boat.

Unlock all the water truly holds by discovering the latest innovations in bass boat technology with the iON21.

Lurion’s all electric bass boats lead the market in every category setting a new bar for what’s possible on the water.

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More than your typical bass boat

Lurion combines high-performance technology and design to create a fishing experience unlike any other.

Uncompromising Power & Performance

More power, torque, acceleration, hole shot than any 250HP equivalent bass boat in the world. So fast we had to throttle the performance top speed to 100mph. Whether you’re competing for big money or just for bragging rights, Lurion gets you there faster.

Say Goodbye To Range Anxiety

The Lurion iON21 is powered by 100kw batteries with 250HP equivalent electric motor which provides 2hrs at full throttle and up to 10 hours when using the Garmin Force Trolling motor that comes standard. Remaining range is automatically calculated the second the boat hits the water and is integrated into the onboard displays so you’re 100% focused on that 6 pound slob.

Advanced Technology In All The Right Places

For the first time fully integrated technology connected all six screens. From our fully integrated chartplotters, sonar, music streaming, weather and much much more due to Apple CarPlay and Android Auto integration for driver’s console and passenger console alike. 1 billion Apps at your fingertips.

And More

Designed in Partnership with


The right tools to unlock a premium fishing experience


200 Miles

Boat Length

23’6″ / 7.16 M

Target Total Weight

2,200 lbs


4 Persons

Wide Open Mode

100 MPH / 160 KMH

top speed

8’11” / 2.73 M

Fishing Surface

170 Sq. Ft.

Storage Capacity

100 Cu. Ft.

Tournament Mode

250 hp

electric equivalent


load dependent
Towing Length

27′ 11″

Max Weight Capacity

1800 lbs

Frequently Asked Questions

There’s a lot to love about Lurion, and we know you want to make an educated choice, so here are the answers to a few of the questions we get asked most often:

When will the Lurion be available for purchase?

Innovation takes time. Fortunately, most of the Lurion innovation process has already been completed. In this phase of pre-orders, we only have a limited number of orders we can fill. When we have met all of those pre-orders, we will batch produce all of them at once. So, the Lurion will be available 3-6 months after we’ve hit our limit of 300 pre-orders.

Does the boat have an autonomous driving feature?

While we believe that technology can greatly uncover the potential that nature holds, so much of fishing still relies on finely tuned human instinct. Because of that, we have not included an autonomous driving feature. However, we have included many custom-designed elements to make driving the boat feel like a luxury experience that you’ll want to be fully engaged with.

How much does a Lurion boat cost?

The Lurion iON21 has an estimated MSRP of $185,000

What features make this different from any other bass boat?

There are many distinct features that separate the Lurion iON21 from any other bass boat on the market. They include:

  • Additional seating: this is the only bass boat on the market offering 4 seats instead of 2.
  • All-Electric engine: electric engines have come a long way, and ours gives the boat more torque, and more range time than any other.
  • A boat built around technology: we started with technology and then built a boat around it. This means you not only have more access to finding the best fishing spots, but you have access to wifi and all the most useful apps. You could even work from the boat if you wanted, but why would you do that?

What if my question wasn’t answered here?

We would love to hear from you. Contact us at:

Water holds potential.
Discover it with Lurion.

Pre-order your boat today by simply filling out the form and providing a $500 deposit. All boats can be modified once production begins and you will be notified via email with further options to personalize your boat. Terms and conditions apply.

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